6 Tips To Improve Your Remote Interview Process

Finally, if you have experience working from home be sure to highlight it. Managing your time, collaborating from a distance, and troubleshooting technical difficulties are valuable skills. Most employers with remote positions would prefer to hire someone with remote work experience, whether from a previous job, freelance and contract work, or entrepreneurial ventures. When you’re applying for a remote job, it’s crucial to show that you have both the hard and soft skills that are necessary for success in the role.

remote job interview process

Try the customer support platform your team and customers will love Teams using Help Scout are set up in minutes, twice as productive, and save up to 80% in annual support costs. Want to learn more about how to make remote work successful at your company? When you want to evaluate candidates, beyond written assessments, you can use virtual whiteboards that facilitate interaction, such as FreeHand and Zoom Whiteboard. Keep your pipeline moving with Video Interviews, a premium one-way screening tool from Workable. Melissa Bruno, VP Head of People at Stack Overflow, reminds us that if the company is not tech-savvy, you will have to start from the basics.

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Remote business operations are gradually becoming a norm and this also includes the hiring and interviewing of job candidates. We recently adopted Gem, a sourcing CRM, to help supercharge our sourcing efforts, and we couldn’t be happier with the tool. Gem allows our recruiters to find great candidates, create talent pipelines to keep track of everyone, and send out personalized, automated outreach to get candidates excited about our roles. The final interview is the last step candidates experience before we ask for references and make an offer. This interview could be with someone from the leadership team or a player from another team who will collaborate heavily with this role. We also make sure we’re asking behavioral style interview questions, or questions that allow candidates to draw on previous experiences in order to determine their potential for success in this role.

Even better if those results were achieved as a remote developer. Every company is different and what criteria works for one company, won’t necessarily work for another. As the founder, or whoever is heading up the hiring, efficiency is the name of the game unless you want to spend a whole year processing job applications (you don’t). We use video chat a lot within the team and being able to clearly communicate verbally in English is part of the deal. Doing a 5-10 minute chat verifies that and also gives you an opportunity to get to know the person a bit more. — Running your own business, even if just as a solo freelancer, is a big bonus as you’re much more likely to jump in and do the work and help out even if something is “technically” outside of your job description. — For a remote company, we can hire from basically anywhere, but there are locations that may make it more difficult.

Prepare For The Interview

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is in high demand among job seekers, particularly with top-tier talent. In this article, you’ll discover our top five remote hiring tips, spanning remote interview processes and onboarding, to employing global staff compliantly.

remote job interview process

Look for knowledge-hungry remote employees who want to boost their career, learn new things, and be productive. Remember, when employees are happy and satisfied, so is your customer.

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In addition to your job-specific go-to questions, prepare a few virtual interview questions to determine if working remotely is the right fit for your candidate. The objective is to identify if they have the communication skills required to collaborate from afar, as well as the organizational skills, self-discipline, and time management skills to work from home. Company culture is the collection of beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact. Culture can be shaped intentionally or grown organically and impact every aspect of business—even if you’re hiring remote workers. As a small business owner, you may be able to emphasize your company culture as a selling point for employees who’ve grown weary from working at large firms where there’s less opportunity to make a big impact.

remote job interview process

Put your interview into the minimized thumbnail format (unless it’s in a full-screen software) while it’s in progress, to avoid total distraction. You can also Google this person to find out more about their professional accomplishments, specialties, former places of work, and so on. I have found that lately, recruiters have not directly provided me with the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile, so I google “Name” + “Company” to find that beforehand. If you’re in an industry that expects professional and formal dress, keep in mind that you’ll only be seen from above your waist. If it’ll help you mentally feel ready, dress up from head to toe.

After The Interview

More and more people are employing video interviewing methods and this means that you need to up your interviewing game too. After your top candidates have made it through the initial phone screening with the recruitment team, you’ll want to get ready for the remote interview portion of the hiring process. When you’re able to score and rate candidates, and leave comments all in one place, it’s easier to ensure transparency among the hiring team. When the entire process is clear and transparent, recruiters and hiring managers can challenge each other’s decisions and discuss the decisions in more detail. This, in turn, reduces bias and ensures fairness in hiring decisions. “For one CEO role a couple of years ago, I received almost 100 applications and I was getting many calls from candidates.

  • Divide your word count by the length of your original recording.
  • The worst part of all is that a bad hire not only affects your budget but also it’s a waste of time and energy for you and your team.
  • Once you know what rate you speak at, it will be easier to practice speaking faster or slower, depending on what number you got.
  • We get really good at our side of the interview, and it’s easy to see when a candidate hasn’t put in the work on their end.
  • You can also use simpler tools like Trello, Slack, or simple project management software to stay connected with your team during the recruitment process.
  • And if you have to reschedule the interview altogether, try and give them grace.

Just as you would do in a regular interview, remember to immediately thank your interviewer for his/her/their time as you begin. Keep in mind that ‘thank you’ should be your last words before signing off the video call.

“Employers are going to be evaluating you based on your behavior,” Leech says. Do you answer challenging questions clearly and forthrightly, and disclose your flaws? Do you help facilitate a successful interview through attention to the allotted time and by bringing prepared questions? This signals initiative.” Finding ways to demonstrate these traits throughout the interview process “will make you a significantly stronger candidate,” Leech says.

The Day Before, Run A Speed Test To Determine The Volume On Your Network

There are many great options for where to post remote jobs, both free and paid. Here are a few of our favorite places for employers to post remote jobs. Provide a clear job title that accurately represents the duties of the role. For ease of quickly finding jobs on job boards, include keywords like “remote” or “virtual” or “work from home in the job title.

  • “Employers are going to be evaluating you based on your behavior,” Leech says.
  • Ryan Malone, founder and CEO at SmartBug Media, says that reluctance to use some of those tools is often a matter of confidence.
  • Not all candidates have an equal amount of free time in order to take on additional part-time work.
  • Self-motivation is crucial for remote teams – we aren’t there to micro-manage you – so that’s a huge factor in the hiring process.
  • If you’re feeling nervous, remember that’s normal, especially if you’re not used to interviewing remotely.

Since we’re often arranging interviews for candidates across the world, we would easily be crying into our keyboards without worldtimebuddy to help us get a handle on time zones. Once the ink is dry, we start preparing for the new hire’s first day at Help Scout! We get right to work with some of the behind-the-scenes action items like getting laptops ordered, setting up tools and access, and planning first day logistics.

Here are the crucial skills to look for in remote employees. You may engage members from different teams to ensure you’re choosing the right person. Since you’re not meeting in-person, you won’t be able to assess body language cues as well. Give the candidate time to ask questions at the end of the interview. Give the candidate an assignment to test their remote work skills. By giving them a project or assessment to work on, you’ll be able to better evaluate what it would be like to work with them. You’ll see how they problem-solve, work with deadlines, and get an idea of what their communication style is like.

Remember, there’s still a chance you could run into a problem during the interview. But with proper preparation, you’ll feel much more confident and assured in the moment. Take stock, stay calm, and try to triage the problem on the run. If you’re concerned about your internet connection, do a trial video call with a friend or family member in the exact room where you will be taking the interview. You can also seek out quiet public places with good Wi-Fi, like a library, cafe, or a hotel lobby. You need to demonstrate that you can jump into the role without a lot of oversight and be a success, starting on day one. Remember that your prospective manager may not be able to train you in person.

Did you switch to a remote hiring cycle overnight due to COVID-19? While you might’ve hired remote candidates before, perhaps this is the first time you’ve had to make those hires while being in a completely remote position https://remotemode.net/ yourself. The hiring process is high-touch for many businesses, with physical presence in the office preferred or even required. But that’s changing quickly as social distancing measures continue to evolve.

We advertise job offers on StackOverflow Careers, Github Jobs and a few other prominent job boards, clearly highlighting that it is a 100% remote job. People apply through a form in our website that creates a Trello card in a big board that we use to track candidates during the whole application process. If you’re feeling nervous, remember that’s normal, especially if you’re not used to interviewing remotely. Even if you are, a remote job interview is still an experience very few candidates will have mastered. Default to positivity and assume things are going well, even if you think you’ve made a mistake or said something you weren’t happy with. When you start with your remote hiring process, you need to make sure that the job ad you’re writing explains clearly what the position is about and what are the skills required. Also, explain shortly what your company does and believes .

You will need to use your space, and your environment, to create a strong and lasting impression. Have a clean, uncluttered background and check your lighting so it’s falling on you, not behind you. Make sure to do a speed test so technical lags don’t break the flow of your conversation.

Also, asking recently hired employees to lead the non-compliance side of onboarding (e.g. tool or data walkthroughs) is a great way to distribute load and get more of our remote workforce remote job interview process involved in hiring. Setting up a part-time contract may seem like a lot of effort, but it is a lot less effort than hiring a candidate that doesn’t fit in your organization.

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